News | | Symphony Teleca Announces the Launch of Marimba Cloud, the First Ever Cloud-Based Client Management Platform

Symphony Teleca Announces the Launch of Marimba Cloud, the First Ever Cloud-Based Client Management Platform

Symphony Teleca, a leading product development and innovation partner, today announced the launch of Marimba Cloud, a cloud-based client management solution that offers end-to-end IT configuration management for enterprises and mid-market. This first-of-its-kind solution is a game changer for mid-market and technology service providers allowing them to exploit enterprise class features through a pay-per-use model, track devices and scale up or down based on the requirement – all with no infrastructure overhead. The cloud version will offer a do-it-yourself interface that allows businesses to manage software and OS updates, backup and restore critical data, media and documents, as well as stay compliant on various security standards.

“Devices are playing a more important role than ever with the explosion of the internet–of-things,” said Arthur van Hoff, Founder and CTO at Jaunt VR, ex-CTO Flipboard. “Everything seems to have an IP address and they run software on it. Managing and updating these devices is going to be any CIO’s biggest challenge. That is where cloud-based services like Marimba Cloud are going to play a critical role.”

Since its takeover of Marimba product in 2013, Symphony Teleca has enlivened the product, expanded customers and revitalized the brand. “After consolidating and moving our entire infrastructure to Marimba, my team had better visibility and control and most importantly, we saw immediate cost savings,” said James LaMinta, Director of IT Planning and Engineering at Verizon. With its biggest release last year, Marimba became the tool of choice for large enterprises for automating patch deployments, asset discovery, license compliance, and numerous other IT processes that are critical to their organizations. “Seeing Symphony Teleca place significant amount of effort and innovation behind the Marimba product line makes them a vendor of choice,” LaMinta added.

Marimba Cloud offers a subscription-based configuration management solution that offers high availability, minimum downtime and a comprehensive feature set at highly attractive price points, making it the first of its kind in the market. “The vision for Marimba technology was always for it to be a cloud-based offering, long before the ‘cloud’ even existed. Moving Marimba to cloud will change the way we interact with IT and is going to transform IT configuration management. This is greater scalability, security and exciting prospects in a product we have been using for a long time and we are thrilled to see the new update,” said Chris Armstrong, CISSP Enterprise Architect with Federal Government & Marimba User Group Chair. “IT organizations of large enterprises as well as technology service providers who manage IT for their end customers, now have flexibility in leveraging a solution that best fits their client’s needs. Symphony Teleca has simplified the client management space by offering Marimba as a service.”

“As you plan your workforce enablement strategies, look toward management vendors that can offer a more consistent view across your PCs and mobile devices. Vendors that prioritize employee experience and human-factor-friendly security will dominate this market,” predicted Forrester Research Principal Analyst David Johnson in a report he co-authored. At Marimba Open World 2015, David Johnson will be the main stage keynote speaker and address the audience on the convergence of technologies and the evolution of workplace enablement. Symphony Teleca will unveil its cloud product lines of which, Marimba Cloud will be available immediately to the market. It will also showcase a consumer version of device management which will enable individual consumers to manage their own devices and keep them up-to-date.

Symphony Teleca has promoted a user community of more than 1000 active Marimba users and brings about engagement, collaboration and innovation through user group meetings, social media channels and annual conferences. “Our vision at Symphony Teleca is to bring out top of the line products based on the demands in the market and features that are fully driven by our own customers and users,” said Sandeep Kalra, EVP and General Manager, Symphony Teleca.“Keeping in line with our innovation focus, Marimba Cloud is a big step in taking the solution to our customers on a subscription-based model. The acceptance and validation that our customers have demonstrated for this product has allowed us to push the threshold and bring an even more scalable and secure configuration management solution to the market.