News | | Symphony Technology Group to Convene International Industry Panel to Discuss Improving Healthcare through Better Use of Big Data and Improved Analytics Tools

Symphony Technology Group to Convene International Industry Panel to Discuss Improving Healthcare through Better Use of Big Data and Improved Analytics Tools

Leading physicians and healthcare executives recently convened to discuss leveraging big data across the healthcare industry to improve standards of care at the first-annual STG Healthcare Advisory Council meeting. The two-day event, titled “Delivering on the Promise of Big Data in Healthcare,” brought together international industry leaders who have used big data when making decisions in the diverse disciplines they serve within healthcare. The goal of the meeting was to promote an integrated discussion to help inform a path forward to fully recognize and harness the power of big data in healthcare around the globe. Symphony Technology Group, a private equity firm and industry leader in the use of big data across healthcare, hosted the inaugural meeting in Washington, DC.

“Our team recognized that, while the utilization of big data in healthcare has been a popular topic, relatively little value has been delivered to-date because of the difficulty of working with these data,” said Simon Kennedy, Healthcare Operations Partner, Symphony Technology Group. “Our goal for the meeting was to begin to transition the conversation from the general to the specific, and to do that you need to address, in-depth, the widely varying characteristics of different types of healthcare data. We believe that there is a greater potential to harness the full potential data and analytics in our industry if that data is both ‘big’ (high volume, high velocity) and ‘deep’ (contextually and clinically rich). However, biology is not algebra so to solve the varying, and very different, applications you need also to be ‘smart’ tailoring the data and analytics used very specifically to problem at hand. This way common big data assets can be leveraged to inform and impact the different decisions made by providers, payors, government agencies and pharmaceutical companies.”

The integration of big data across the healthcare industry provides important information that can help inform future decisions by a wide variety of end users. Assembling and accessing data points, from early stage product development through the integration at the point-of-care, allows for stronger analytics and better decision making.

“It’s been an honor to be part of the inaugural Healthcare Advisory Council, which brought together a diverse group of experienced leaders to work on how to realize the potential of data in healthcare,” said Jamie Heywood, Co-Founder and Chairman of PatientsLikeMe. “It’s not enough just to connect data; for us to realize its potential we need to ensure that data serves the patient and is impactful. This will take an ongoing commitment by each part of the healthcare system. We will all need to use a holistic approach accessing, integrating, analyzing, and most importantly applying the right data in order to effectively drive improvements in patient care.”

Several key takeaways surfaced from the meeting, including the following:

  • Healthcare requires a different approach to big data given the special qualities of the data themselves, the extremely high standards of quality necessary for healthcare use cases, and the critical importance of privacy and security in healthcare put simply, existing approaches to ‘big data’ championed by many tech companies do not work in healthcare
  • The rapid emergence of, and dependence on, ‘real-world evidence’ is creating demand for tools and data sets that integrate and utilize the many different types of healthcare data becoming available emerging approaches to anonymize, structure, and link patient-level data have enormous promise
  • The ‘consumerization’ of healthcare, with patients as increasingly informed and involved customers, is changing the fundamentals of healthcare, with profound implications across the healthcare system

“We are thrilled with the outputs of our first-annual Healthcare Advisory Council Meeting,” said Romesh Wadhwani, Founder and Chairman, Symphony Technology Group. “The insights shared and the thought leadership conveyed are a testament to what’s ahead in healthcare information technology. Our hope is that more data will lead to more accurate analyses, more informed decision-making, and improved quality of care. This group of experts is committed to using big data to collectively impact healthcare delivery and Symphony Technology Group looks forward to partnering with them on this.”

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