News | | Symphony Technology Group Announces Symphony Talent: A Forward-Thinking Suite of Talent Solutions, Now Available in One Centralized Cloud

Symphony Technology Group Announces Symphony Talent: A Forward-Thinking Suite of Talent Solutions, Now Available in One Centralized Cloud

Symphony Technology Group (STG), a strategic private equity firm focused on transforming high-potential companies into definitive market leaders, today announced the launch of Symphony Talent, an Omni-channel Recruitment Marketing suite that will power the talent acquisition industry into the future. Symphony Talent will be led by Roopesh Nair, who is currently the President & CEO of Hodes. The creation of Symphony Talent cloud is the culmination of STG’s strategic acquisitions in the Human Capital space, including SkillCheck, Findly, Hodes, HRLogix, Innovantage, QUEsocial, and others, to provide trusted product sets and services within one integrated, customizable, and highly competitive platform for employers seeking right-fit talent.

“Symphony Talent cloud is a next generation recruitment platform that provides most appropriate set of tools under one roof so employers benefit in ways they’ve never experienced before,” said Roopesh Nair. “Talent is the core of any business and we’re committed to staying ahead of trends and challenging the status quo. This is an exciting time and we’re looking forward to sharing further developments as they arise.”

Built on existing industry excellence, Symphony Talent will redefine how employers and talent connect. The Company’s goal is to improve how employers source, hire, engage, and retain talent, while creating an interactive experience that keeps job seekers top-of-mind. Symphony Talent provides clients access to a suite of integrated cloud based solutions and targeted campaigns.

The solutions provide employers with capabilities to source, nurture, and engage, the right-fit candidates:

  • “ST Source” – covers the tools needed to create awareness and build interest among active and passive candidates across all available touch-points. The tools include programmatic media buying, job distribution, display ad optimization, career website platform, talent advocacy and social recruiting.
  • “ST Nurture” – connects continuously to the interested candidates with the goal of nurturing the interest and driving them to quality hires. This solution includes automated email campaigns, personalized content marketing, skill assessments and integration with application tracking systems.
  • “ST Engage”- completes the cycle by actively engaging the employees and converting them into advocates. Actively engaged employees help drive quality and also act as a primary internal source for talent acquisition.

Campaigns, on the other hand, are out-of-box capabilities focussed on key initiatives that employers can deploy and drive targeted hiring. Available campaigns for the initial release include seasonal hiring, hourly worker hiring, diversity hiring and more.

The value of the cloud-based offering is that clients have the ability to turn features on and off on-demand. Clients can pick and choose few modules or the full end-to-end suite of solutions allowing them access to the best talent recruiting solutions in one place, making Symphony Talent unlike anything else in the industry.