News | | Symphony Technology Group and Evidera acquire Archimedes

Symphony Technology Group and Evidera acquire Archimedes

In the U.S., the quality and cost of healthcare are in the forefront of everyone’s minds, especially where the healthcare and insurance industries seem to be in a constant state of flux with the new national policies. Recently, Symphony Technology Group (STG) and Evidera, a leading provider of evidence-based solutions for the healthcare industry, made a move to create ways to better use quantitative methods to improve both the quality and cost of healthcare. The acquisition of Archimedes, a San Francisco-based healthcare modeling company, was the first page in this new chapter.

The combination of Archimedes’ models and Evidera’s products, services and experiences, raises healthcare modeling and analytics to an entirely new level. Archimedes model addresses multitude of health economic questions, public health and policy issues, and the challenges in the design of clinical trials.

The IndiGO division of Archimedes enables the combination of real-world healthcare data and simulation to create compelling and actionable evidence used in individual healthcare decision making. This acquisition enhances Evidera’s premier simulation offerings and complements them with advanced software and data interface capabilities. Joining Evidera will greatly expand Archimedes’ health economic capabilities, provide a broader international reach, and supply additional data sources through Symphony Health Solutions.

Evidera plans to add additional disease areas to the Archimedes model, which will result in a more powerful tool to predict the impact of new medical treatments or healthcare delivery systems at a fraction of the cost and time of clinical studies.
Evidera will be able to provide evidence directly to healthcare providers and patients to better help them to make informed decisions about treatments and preventive care.