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Symphony Performance Health Becomes SPH Analytics

Action analytics leader Symphony Performance Health announced today they have changed their name to SPH Analytics. The name change comes after their announcement last week that they have acquired The Myers Group, a premier provider of member experience survey data. The rebranding represents the expanded capabilities of the combined company for population health and patient/member experience analytics. This deeper insight into patient/member data aligns with Meaningful Use 2 and drives transformative action in healthcare.

SPH Analytics (SPHA), a member of the Symphony Technology Group, was founded through the merger of patient satisfaction leader Voyance, population health provider MDdatacor, and predictive analytics vendor Archimedes Clinical Analytics to become a cutting-edge provider of action analytics for provider, payer, and health networks. The addition of The Myers Group to the organization will add a health plan product portfolio with a strong reputation in regulatory guidance and resources, empowering expertise and innovation in survey design, data collection, analysis, and reporting for member services. “As the need for both actionable clinical and quality measures become more prevalent in the emerging shared risk models, it is vital that insights be integrated and easily accessible,” said Al Vega, President and CEO of SPH Analytics. “The traditional siloed methods for capturing patient/member experience sentiment and providing clinical decision support at the point of care require new approaches that drive continuous improvement seamlessly across the venues of care delivery. At SPHA, we recognize that the seven most expensive words in healthcare are ‘we have always done it that way’ and that there is a need to improve these processes through innovative, transformative solutions.”

SPH Analytics will continue to offer their Perform patient experience solutions and Orchestrate population health solutions to increase patient satisfaction, drive patient engagement, and reduce overall cost of care