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Symphony Health Solutions Announces Symphony HealthCloud

Symphony Health Solutions, a provider of high-value market research, analytics and technology solutions for life science manufacturers, payers and providers, today introduced Symphony HealthCloud™, a proprietary cloud-based storage and analytics solution using the latest technology to streamline data management and insight generation within the pharmaceutical market. Enabling an unprecedented degree of access to pharmaceutical data and an open, collaborative operating model, Symphony HealthCloud™ offers a scalable, flexible, secure platform that can be tailored to client needs and delivers significantly increased speed to insight.

Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide a state of the art, proven and trusted infrastructure, Symphony HealthCloud™ houses multiple information assets. The basis is Symphony’s industry-leading Integrated Dataverse (IDV)™ which brings together medical, hospital, and prescription claims to provide a comprehensive view of prescriber, patient, and payer dynamics.

In addition to instant access to IDV™, Symphony HealthCloud offers integrated cloud-storage of client data, third party data, and even information from the public domain. Symphony HealthCloud™ enables cost-effective big data analytics for pharmaceutical clients by creating an integrated repository for the entire enterprise.

“Symphony HealthCloud™ represents a sea change in the way companies will integrate and analyze pharmaceutical data,” said Don Otterbein, SVP, Product Management & Marketing. “Putting all of these resources in the cloud reduces the barriers that have traditionally stood in the way of quickly producing insights that drive action and organizational success.”

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