News | | Symphony EYC Launches Android App for Voice-Directed Warehouse Operations

Symphony EYC Launches Android App for Voice-Directed Warehouse Operations

Symphony EYC, the leading provider of software and services for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, has launched the latest version of its G.O.L.D. Warehouse Voice Operations based on the Android mobile platform. As well as productivity and speed of deployment benefits, the new technology can result in additional cost savings by removing the need for proprietary hardware for voice-directed inventory management in the warehouse.

Symphony EYC’s new Android app can also be integrated with wearable technology called VocalVest®, which sets new standards for workplace operator ergonomics, removing the need for extraneous devices such as headsets and incorporating a secure pocket for the Android device. Warehouse operators communicate through the vest as it integrates all the necessary technology for their voice-directed activities.

The Android app announced today represents the third generation of Symphony EYC’s Warehouse Voice Operations technology, which has more than 15,000 users worldwide already deployed with previous versions.

“With the new Android solution our customers can deploy mainstream mobile or smart devices to warehouse operators for the first time, which has the added benefit of reducing material overheads,” said Donal Mac Daid, VP Marketing Supply Chain. “Furthermore, when integrated with the VocalVest, users really are benefiting from the ultimate in workplace ergonomics. In particular, while the use of headsets in these environments is still applicable, the increased comfort the VocalVest provides is good news for warehouse operators and their employers.”