News | | STG Portfolio Company CoreOne Announces New Technology Division

STG Portfolio Company CoreOne Announces New Technology Division

Today, Symphony Technology Group (STG) portfolio company CoreOne Technologies announced the formation  of a new division:  RegOne Solutions. The new division is comprised of two of the world’s leading data analytics firms, both recently acquired by CoreOne: Thomson Transaction Analytics (TTA) and Transaction Auditing Group (TAG).

RegOne will provide execution reporting, compliance solutions and trading analysis for brokers, exchanges, ATSs and other industry participants. The formation of the new division was fueled by a desire to create a critical mass of clients, data and products at a time when the political and regulatory dynamic for financial firms is demanding sweeping changes to how transactions are executed and measured.

Offerings of RegOne include:

  •  A high capacity computing infrastructure built upon a time series database capable of analyzing millions of transactions in seconds
  • Transparent and intuitive execution quality reports, tailored to retail investors, institutional investors, exchanges and regulators
  • Reporting portal that includes workflow tools, ensuring key brokerage and exchange obligations are automated in line with regulatory processes
  • A decade of transaction records from more than 350 brokers, all US exchanges and more than 30 dark pools

CoreOne, a leading global provider of financial data creation, management services was acquired by STG in 2008. The company is the leading global financial information management provider. Its other divisions are DeltaOne Solutions, VistaOne and PrimeOne Solutions.

For more information on RegOne, visit CoreOne’s website.