News | | SPH Analytics Launches Smart Patient Engagement Platform

SPH Analytics Launches Smart Patient Engagement Platform

Integrated predictive analytics solution closes care gaps in a targeted, personalized manner 

SPH Analytics (SPH), a leader in healthcare analytics and population health management, has launched the Smart Patient Engagement platform™, a new integrated predictive analytics solution to empower healthcare providers and health plans to drive desired patient/member behaviors. The platform elevates patient/member engagement strategies by stratifying the population according to the level of engagement in their own healthcare, disease conditions, risk factors and social determinants of health (SDOH) and then conducts multi-modal outreach with persona-specific messaging.

“Health plans and providers have historically been blind about how to target patient and member engagement to drive optimal action and results. They need analytics that provide tremendous transparency and precision into when, where and how they should take action to deliver maximum return amid competing priorities for investment dollars,” said Amy Amick, CEO of SPH Analytics. “SPH Analytics’ Smart Patient Engagement defines clear personas within your member or patient population taking into account not simply clinical data and SDOH, but also layering in a person’s propensity to engage in their health and other complex factors that have historically served as barriers to optimal engagement and desired outcomes.  Our Smart Patient Engagement solution provides the critical clarity for when, where and how to engage a patient or health plan member, allowing for much greater impact with a more efficient spend.”