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Press Ganey Acquires SPH Analytics

BOSTON, May 26, 2021 — Press Ganey, the national leader in health care consumer and workforce engagement, today announced the acquisition of SPH Analytics (SPH), the national leader in member experience measurement and engagement for the health insurance industry. Through this acquisition, Press Ganey will combine its industry-leading patient experience data with SPH’s rich member experience data to bring holistic and powerful insights to the fragmented provider and payer landscape.

“With the acquisition of SPH, we become the only organization that can provide insights at every touchpoint across the entire health care journey,” said Patrick T. Ryan, Chairman and CEO, Press Ganey. “The challenge in driving wholesale change in health care is that organizations have data about only a fragment of the journey and by combining it, we’ll be able to remedy that challenge. New care models are emerging, and it is in the best interest of both payers and providers to understand the entire picture as the industry shifts to value-based care driven by outcomes.”