News | | New Vantage(TM) Apps Platform Serves Up Instant Access to Pharma Data Via Symphony HealthCloud(TM)

New Vantage(TM) Apps Platform Serves Up Instant Access to Pharma Data Via Symphony HealthCloud(TM)

Symphony Health Solutions, a provider of high-value market research, analytics and technology solutions for life science manufacturers, payers and providers, today introduced the Vantage™ application platform. Vantage™ Apps are thoughtfully conceived collections of applications and capabilities aligned to key pharmaceutical business functions, including Managed Markets, Sales, and Brand Management. Leveraging the power of the Symphony HealthCloud™, these functionally-tailored suites provide instant access to key performance metrics, data visualizations, and predictive analytics that enable rapid, informed situation analysis and decision making.

Vantage™ Apps are fueled by Symphony’s industry-leading Integrated Dataverse (IDV)™, which brings together comprehensive prescription, medical and hospital claims to provide pharmaceutical brand managers, sales management, and financial analysts a complete view of the prescriber, patient, and payer dynamics that determine market activity.

“Vantage™ Apps are unique from other online apps because they offer access to nearly a petabyte of data that is instantaneously refreshed into the app through the Symphony HealthCloud environment,” said Derek J. Evans, VP, Product Management. “For clients, this means no cumbersome data loads — they can literally be up and running in less than a month, with meaningful data to drive critical business decisions.”

Equipped with advanced visualizations and analytics, VantageTM Apps deliver ready access to easily navigate and derive insight from large data sets. Our open cloud platform also allows for integration of multiple data resources, all accessible from the Vantage application suites.

First on the market, the Managed Markets Vantage™ suite is now available through special introductory offers for exclusive charter clients. For more information, view the info video or visit the Symphony Health Solutions website at