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New RSA® Innovation Enhances Mobile Security

  • RSA Mobile Lock detects critical threats to a mobile device and can restrict the user’s ability to authenticate until the threat is resolved
  • A market-first, RSA Mobile Lock is automatically embedded into the software already deployed on millions of enterprise devices
  • Eliminates costs of providing employees with secured phones, reduces user security dependencies, and promotes device trust

RSA, a global leader in identity and access management, today announced the introduction of RSA® Mobile Lock, a powerful new defense in the war for mobile security and an immediate resolution for one of the weakest points in every organization’s security stance: their users. RSA Mobile Lock detects critical threats on mobile devices and can restrict users from authenticating into secured corporate systems, preventing a threat from expanding beyond one compromised device to other users, data, and systems.

“The acceleration of BYOD and remote work has introduced a widespread threat to security-first organizations: their users’ mobile devices. Given the heightened sensitivity of information on or accessible via remote devices—including critical data, enterprise systems, and customer records—our customers asked us for enhanced mobile protection that wouldn’t burden users. Mobile Lock addresses that urgent need, moving users’ personal devices and their organization’s overall security postures closer to zero trust,” said Rohit Ghai, CEO of RSA.