News | | Mobile Technology Conference Kicks-Off in New York City on Thursday, November 6th

Mobile Technology Conference Kicks-Off in New York City on Thursday, November 6th

Chris Fanning, President & CEO of Survey Sampling International, kicks-off the one day Mobile Analytics Conferenceand Technology Exchange in New York on Thursday, November 6th, for what is sure to be one of the most informative and innovative forums at the CROSSROADS of Mobile Technology and Advanced Analytics. The executive level line-up of more than 24 speakers and panelists will engage in “idea exchange” and thought leadership in a conference format that will get at the core of how research analytics is being applied to mobile technology and creating an understanding of behavior that reaches far beyond the adoption of mobile surveys in recent years.

Speakers for the Mobile Technology Conference include leading brands in both mobile technology and advanced analytics. IBM’s Business Analytic Group that support such products and business analytics software as SPSS, Cognos and Watson, co-sponsored the one-day event that is hosted by SURVEY Magazine. Twitter, Yahoo, ComScore, iHeart Media, TNS, and Intel/Basis are just a few leading brands scheduled to present.

Jon Leiman, Publisher and Editor of SURVEY Magazine stated, “We’re pleased to bring together such an esteemed group of professionals to share insights that is sure to elevate the discussion of mobile in the context of understanding human behavior. We plan on looking at applied technology and best practices such as passive metering, geo fencing, geo targeting and fingerprinting as advanced analytic capability, and advancing the discussion in other forms of mobile technology that capitalize on in-store tracking (iBeacon, BLE, etc.) and accompanying analytics.”

The first technical session of the day showcases the work of Lumi Insights and Juliana Smith Holterhaus, General Manager, Market Research Americas. Her work entitled, “Make It Matter -The Mobility of Mobile in the Age of Context” is published in the October issue of SURVEY Magazine, where she very eloquently outlines four (4) approaches to “Context Insight Capture”. In the article, Holterhaus states, “When it comes to mobile market research, there is a real opportunity to insight into ‘The Mobile Moment’.” The article further explains the importance of location as it relates to mobile research and analytics. She helps define geo-fencing as a location-based mobile service that allows for the sending of messages to a smartphone based on a defined geographic area.

This technology promotes data collection in the context of location, providing the opportunity to make data input relevant to the user. Additionally, this promotes a higher quality of data and ensures that the respondent is having a genuine experience with time-based parameters prompted by location.

The native app allows for the very simple, yet powerful capture of geo-coordinates to understand more about the consumer’s physical location at the point of data entry.

iBeacon is a technology still in its infancy, however this Bluetooth-enabled micro-location technology is capable of delivering proximity-aware notifications, navigation and information to mobile users. According to Business Insider, the beacon install base will consist of 4.5 million active users by the end of 2018 and 3.5 million of these will be in use by retailers.

A copy of the article is available for download at

The afternoon sessions of November 6th include presentations and panel discussions that advance and redefine the way leading brands understand and utilize mobile technology to measure human behavior. Kym Frank, SVP of Advertising Services at Symphony Advanced Media delivers a paper entitled, Navigating the Intersection of Passive and Stated Behavior. This ground breaking technology employed by Symphony Advanced Media sets the stage for a healthy debate among peers and sets a path behavior measurement that will surely “blow your mind”.

In 2012, Symphony Advanced Media began recruitment for their cross-media measurement mobile panel – The Media Insiders Panel. Currently, the panel stands at approximately 11,000 respondents, with plans to double its size in the next year.

Respondents agree to download an app onto their mobile phones and tablets. The app runs silently in the background, capturing their mobile device usage. Through Automatic Content Recognition technology, the app also identifies the programs respondents are watching on television. A sizable portion of this panel has a similar program running on the PCs.

Not surprisingly, the ability to identify individuals who were exposed to an advertisement either online or on television has led a number of brands to utilize this solution for advertising effectiveness studies. Passively capturing television ad exposure alleviates the need to utilize an “opportunity to see” approach or to embed the ad within the survey itself. It also provides a cleaner control – with the full knowledge that respondents were not exposed to the target brand’s ad and forgot,..and in some cases, creating a control that was also not exposed to the competitive ads.

In fact, not only does this technology identify if a respondent was exposed to the advertisement (or not), it captures the frequency of exposure, the mix of 30s/15s the respondent viewed, the program content housing the ad, and where applicable, what respondents were doing on their mobile devices or PC while they were viewing the advertisement.

Because respondents’ demographic information is captured during registration, and SymphonyAM identifies when, where, and how many times they were exposed to advertising, the survey length is dramatically reduced from typical advertising effectiveness studies. The true power of a robust cross-platform respondent database goes far beyond your standard advertising effectiveness study. SymphonyAM has begun segmenting the panel based on passive behavior and leveraging those segments for survey targeting. For example, SymphonyAM passively identified a group of respondents who actively utilized the Netflix app during the month of September as well as a similar group of respondents who did not utilize the app. Symphony then surveyed both groups of panelists about their binge viewing behavior. Through a combination of passive and stated behavior, SymphonyAM was able to identify video consumption trends as well as the Netflix impact on television viewing.

The Mobile Technology Conference “CROSSROADS”, still has room for both in-person and live simulcast attendees to experience the executive level thought leadership and technology exchange. Simply visit to register.

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