News | | Fishbowl Announces Latest Product Updates to Enhance Omni-Channel Marketing

Fishbowl Announces Latest Product Updates to Enhance Omni-Channel Marketing

Fishbowl, Inc., the leading data, marketing and analytics solutions provider to over 70,000 restaurant locations, has launched its latest round of product updates allowing users to continue to create exceptional and unique experiences for their guests. The recent update includes upgrades to Fishbowl’s Promotions Manager, Loyalty and SMS products as well as the Email platform.

Fishbowl’s updates range from promotions protocol, customer loyalty information and short message system (SMS) reporting, to revised data on expired coupons, a refreshed user interface, and more. The new improvements parallel restaurateurs’ desire to have more control when communicating with guests through multiple channels.

“Our platform is built exclusively for restaurants and our new product enhancements will supply restaurateurs with tools that offer additional insights to their omni-channel marketing campaigns all while providing the ability to know, reach and delight their guests through multiple avenues,” said Daniel Dreymann, Chief Product Officer at Fishbowl.

One of the main areas of platform enhancement is in the area of promotions and loyalty. Fishbowl authorized users will now have the ability to designate special offers as available in their Loyalty program when creating that offer within Promotions Manager. Other new enhancements regarding customer loyalty include member search by phone number on additional POS systems, menu item search, the ability to display points expired dates, as well as the option to create pop-up notifications for inactive and deactivated guests who attempt to login to the restaurant’s end user portal.

Fishbowl has also implemented updates to its SMS product. New features include SMS Message Volume and Member Growth Reports. Additional enhancements such as improved performance and send rates for campaigns with excluded segments, have been implemented as well.

Security is always foremost at Fishbowl and secure socket layer (SSL) cryptography protocol is enforced in the in the company’s Local services when users log in, per General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines. For tracking purposes, the process now captures the store, username, time stamp, and the acceptance of terms and conditions in the file upload history table. In addition European Union (EU) sites (per GDPR guidelines) show last name, street address, birthdate, phone, city and postal code.

In addition to the updates of Promotions Manager, Loyalty, SMS and SSL, Fishbowl has also implemented an updated design to the overall look of its platform.

“The Fishbowl user interface has been redesigned to incorporate updates for the header, content pages, main navigation, fonts, colors, buttons, and form elements,” said Dreymann. “This new design is more in line with the Fishbowl brand and new product design direction.”