News | | First Advantage launches new tool for screening senior managers

First Advantage launches new tool for screening senior managers

Leaders directly influence everything from brand integrity and stock performance to the morale of the workforce. Companies depend on their leaders and senior management to set strategic direction, galvanise employees and lead them towards success.

To assist recruiters while hiring senior-most leaders, First Advantage has designed an exclusive screening package for senior leaders called Executive Advantage. Each Executive Advantage screening includes in-depth investigation and research such as credentials verifications that include careful examination of gaps, inconsistencies and misstatements, complete litigation history and extensive media searches, beyond the Internet and ‘adverse’ reports.

“Leaders are instrumental to the growth and wellbeing of every organisation. Through Executive Advantage we aim to help the employers maximize the hiring ROI by ensuring the highest-paid employees are rightly qualified to lead the organization. Most importantly the screening package would help protect the brand and organizational integrity by minimizing risk and negative publicity related to high profile employees,” Purushotam Savlani, SVP and Managing Director, First Advantage, said.

In India, the hunt for senior executives is an intense one. It often gets tricky for mid-to-senior level executives because they are often called the ‘passive pool’, which tends not to easily reach out for the jobs even at the best of times.


These job-seekers take into account not just a fatter pay package while looking for a change, they also seek a better work profile and greater responsibilities as they build their careers. Mid-to-senior level professionals on a job search need to be clear about their career objectives and aspirations.

For executives and other senior positions in a company, a thorough, far-reaching background check is indispensable to protect the organisation against risk, unnecessary negative media exposure and potential issues that might be intentionally excluded from their resume.

A recent study from First Advantage reveals discrepancy trends rampant among senior leaders:

– 87 per cent of the discrepancies are at the senior management level
– 49 per cent of the discrepancies are from the senior management level from the >= 51 years age bracket.
– 32 per cent of the discrepancies are at the senior management level in the > = 41 to 50 years age bracket.
– 13 per cent of the total discrepant cases are at the middle management level
– 35 out of 100 male cases were discrepant and
– 44 out of 100 female cases were discrepant.

Out of every 100 verified cases 55 are discrepant in this age bracket and the remaining 45 are clear.