News | | First Advantage issues annual report on commercial driver safety trends

First Advantage issues annual report on commercial driver safety trends

Complying with the Department of Transportation’s commercial driver safety regulations can be complex. To provide visibility into the effectiveness of driver safety programs and track year-over-year trends, First Advantage released its 2010-2013 Commercial Driver Safety Report in March. First Advantage is a Symphony Technology Group company, and the world’s leading provider of background screening analytics and identity solutions.

The report reveals fresh industry insights, many of which can be directly linked to recent regulatory changes and continuing economic turbulence. Major findings include:

-Instances of non-compliance in the application process have decreased drastically in 2013, which was found to be the result of increased use of electronic applications.

-However, instances of non-compliance resulting from incomplete answers to safety sensitive questions on the part of drivers increased 20 percent in 2013, calling for additional action.

-The number of adverse employment verifications has risen steadily over the four year period covered in the report, reaching 41.6 percent in 2013. This increase was believed to be the result of continued adoption of employment verification industrywide during the period.

In addition, the report provides employers with tips to improve their driver safety screening practices, as well as a timely industry forecast. The full report is available for download here.