News | | Evidera Announces Evalytica™, Next-Generation, Cloud-Based Software for Fast, Transparent Analysis of Healthcare Data

Evidera Announces Evalytica™, Next-Generation, Cloud-Based Software for Fast, Transparent Analysis of Healthcare Data

Evidera, a leading provider of evidence-based solutions for the healthcare industry, is pleased to announce Evalytica™, a new software platform designed to support near real-time analyses of virtually any type of real-world data source, including claims, electronic medical records, and registry data. Evalytica™ uses standard data formats and published analytic methods that provide transparency and yield results that may be used in publications or submissions.

“Evalytica™ marks a new frontier for Evidera as a leader in technology enabled tools for generating and communicating evidence of product safety and effectiveness,” said Jon Williams, President and CEO, Evidera. “The increasing focus on real-world evidence for drug safety analysis that has resulted from the FDA Sentinel, the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP), and the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI) initiatives make tools like Evalytica™ that much more important.”

Evalytica™ contains a growing repository of pre-built Analysis Apps that provide extensive analytic capabilities in areas such as drug safety, epidemiology, health economics, and comparative effectiveness, along with a programming interface for custom Analytic App development. Collaboration features, such as a library of reusable patient cohort and health outcome definitions that can be curated, searched, shared and re-used across users and analysis communities, foster collaboration and sharing based on an area of common interest, such as therapeutic area, pharmaceutical product, or research project.

Designed by a team of industry pioneers, Evalytica™ builds upon the strengths of previous real-world analytics technologies while also addressing their weaknesses. “Being able to draw upon one of the most well-respected research teams in the life sciences industry has been a tremendous advantage for us in developing Evalytica™,” said Stephanie Reisinger, Vice President of Technology Solutions, Evidera. “Evalytica™ provides an option for users to connect directly with Evidera scientists to get help with database selection, cohort definition, analysis methodology, results interpretation or any other question associated with an analysis.”

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