News | | Consilio Announces General Availability of Market-Leading Audio Review Solution

Consilio Announces General Availability of Market-Leading Audio Review Solution

Consilio, a Symphony Technology Group (STG) company and global leader in eDiscovery software and review services, today announced the general availability of its innovative Enhanced Audio Review experience. This solution addresses innumerable challenges clients face when reviewing collections of audio material by providing better tools to streamline and accelerate review, including advanced redaction technology. With this next-generation solution, Consilio clients can avoid the pitfalls commonly associated with audio review and significantly lower their costs.

Every day, companies around the world generate and archive discoverable audio data, such as financial trading desk recordings, customer service call recordings, stored voicemails, and recorded web conferences. Reviewing audio content often takes 80 percent more time than non-audio because review is slowed by poor-quality recordings, multi-speaker languages and accents, shorthand acronyms, and extended periods of non-talk, or “dead space.”

Andy Macdonald, Consilio’s Chief Executive Officer, remarked, “Many of our clients are prominent banks and financial services institutions that are required to record vast amounts of audio content. They are frustrated by the inefficiency, the high price tag and the errors endemic to the process of reviewing audio content. We’ve developed a scalable solution that avoids the shortcomings of other review platforms, by building the most advanced audio review solution on the market.”

Consilio’s Enhanced Audio Review experience is an end-to-end solution that covers all facets of discovery. The solution converts audio files—often created with proprietary codecs—to lightweight, browser-friendly formats. The trimming technology removes extended non-talk periods within the reviewed file, minimizing hosting expense and speeding up streaming and downloading. After exceptionally fast processing, the solution generates a phonetic index of the audio content, enabling in-tool searching and batching of responsive documents.

Enhanced Audio Review is fully integrated into Consilio’s market-leading review platform, Global RPM. Complete with waveform visualization, “search hits” of potentially relevant content, and speed up/slow down controls, reviewers no longer need to wait for large audio file downloads. John Shaw, Consilio’s Director of Consulting and Forensics, remarked, “In stark contrast to other platforms’ minimal integration with phonetic indexing and search solutions, Consilio was the first and remains the only deeply integrated phonetic search solution in the eDiscovery review tool market.”

This release also revolutionizes how reviewers redact audio content. According to Shaw, “The traditional approach to redacting audio files required a forensic consultant to download an audio file, read reviewers’ comments about what to redact, and then obliterate audio segments manually by creating a spliced copy of the file.” With this update, Consilio allows multiple reviewers to create redactions in audio files concurrently in real time. Shaw added, “This relieves clients’ concern about producing sensitive data, particularly in cross-border litigation where strict data privacy rules heighten risk.” The tool also permits senior attorneys to examine redacted files for quality control purposes.

This solution will be deployed in Consilio’s global data centers, which have passed the most stringent security audits required by the world’s largest corporations. Our global data centers and expert project managers are located in the United States, the United Kingdom, continental Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, and India.

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About Andy Macdonald, Chief Executive Officer, Consilio
Andy Macdonald is the Chief Executive Officer of Consilio, where he is responsible for all strategic and operational initiatives to ensure client satisfaction and grow the business. Andy holds more than 20 years of executive management experience across many industries and functional disciplines. Andy was a founding member of Consilio’s predecessor, First Advantage Corporation, and served on its management team from 2003 to 2011, most recently as President and Chief Executive Officer.

About John Shaw, Director of Forensics, Consilio
John Shaw is Director of Forensics and Consulting at Consilio. He has worked in IT-related fields for 18 years and has specialized in computer forensics and eDiscovery for the last 10. He has a wide range of experience from working for law enforcement on a broad spectrum of criminal cases through to large-scale multinational eDiscovery matters for large corporations.

John has given evidence in court on multiple occasions as an expert witness and prepared statements and reports for hundreds of cases. He has performed data collections all over the world and is involved in a numerous global eDiscovery projects. John is also involved in the ongoing development of bespoke forensic and eDiscovery software solutions and protocols.