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Winshuttle Receives Patent for SmartTable Technology

Differentiating capability enables companies to accelerate SAP business processes

Winshuttle today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office recognized Winshuttle’s unique SmartTable technology by awarding the company with U.S. Patent No. US 10,354,080 B.

The newly patented “SmartTable” technology in Winshuttle Foundation, the company’s flagship SAP-data management and process automation platform, enables business users to process multiple related records within a single web form—greatly improving efficiency. For example, business teams can create multiple new SAP material master records in a single form versus needing to handle each new record as a separate request.

“There are many business processes where it makes sense for business teams to create or change related data at the same time,” explains Heather Oebel, Senior Enterprise Solutions Manager. “Our SmartTable technology enables business people to do this faster using intuitive web-based forms.”