News | | Winshuttle Announces Participation in the Blue Prism Digital Exchange as Part of the Technology Alliance Partnership

Winshuttle Announces Participation in the Blue Prism Digital Exchange as Part of the Technology Alliance Partnership

The Winshuttle/Blue Prism integration promises the powerful combination of SAP-centric and general purpose Robotic process automation (RPA) capability for customers looking for an end-to-end automation solution

Following the partnership announcement with RPA vendor Blue Prism,  Winshuttle is pleased to announce the Winshuttle Visual Business Object (VBO) template is accessible through the Blue Prism Digital Exchange. This integration will allow customers to connect and integrate their enterprise systems using Blue Prism for connecting with non-SAP systems and Winshuttle for data automation for SAP ERP systems.

By combining the ability of Winshuttle to automate SAP processes, and Blue Prism’s expertise in connecting and automating processes from multiple systems, customers implementing the Winshuttle Visual Business Object (VBO) template will be better able to create end-to-end processes that include SAP data management. This integration extends Blue Prism’s connected-RPA capabilities to include a no-code, rules-based alternative to easily update and query SAP ERP data.

As part of Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program (TAP), Winshuttle adds a flexible and secure SAP integration option to the Blue Prism Digital Workforce, across master data, finance, HR, plant maintenance and more. Now companies can more effectively integrate their automation solutions with SAP ERP and adapt to ongoing process changes without developing new interfaces.

“Our partnership with Blue Prism builds on the unique ability to seamlessly integrate with SAP to allow customers to fully automate end-to-end processes,” said Kristian Kalsing, VP of Products and Solutions. “This partnership supports a portfolio approach to RPA, taking best of breed solutions to solve a company’s particular set of challenges and use cases. We share some of the biggest companies in the world as customers and we look forward to helping them further streamline their SAP processes with Blue Prism and Winshuttle.”

“We are delighted to be working with Winshuttle to drive the adoption of intelligent automation to SAP ERP,” said Linda Dotts, SVP Global Partner Strategy and Programs for Blue Prism. “Winshuttle RPA with Blue Prism greatly accelerates the ability to incorporate digital workers (i.e. software robots) into enterprises’ ERP business processes.  Having these capabilities on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange highlights Winshuttle’s unique SAP expertise in the Blue Prism ecosystem.”

To learn more, go to the Winshuttle website or the Blue Prism Digital Exchange.