News | | Winshuttle Announces New Pricing Condition Management Solution at SAPPHIRE NOW®

Winshuttle Announces New Pricing Condition Management Solution at SAPPHIRE NOW®

New SaaS-based solution enables companies to change pricing real-time and react more quickly to changing market dynamics and competition

Winshuttle, a leading data management platform provider, is pleased to announce the beta launch of a flexible pricing condition management solution at its booth (#2113) at SAPPHIRE NOW® May 7 – 9, 2019. Winshuttle’s Pricing Condition Management (PCM) solution empowers SAP pricing analysts to quickly and easily change prices and automate processes in compliance with company approval governance, enabling companies to react more quickly to changing market dynamics and be more competitive.

“Sixty-seventy percent of my time was spent trying to implement a pricing strategy that took a fraction of the time to develop,” said a pricing analyst for a leading life sciences company. “I was stuck in manual data entry, manipulating flat data files to get my data in the system. It was the only way to get my pricing strategy implemented at the time.”

Increasing ecommerce competition and rapidly shifting market dynamics are driving the need for manufacturers to be able to quickly change prices, and SKU proliferation is driving the volume of price changes to record levels. The number of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) product launches in North America increased 119% from 1998 to 2016*. Winshuttle product usage also bore witness to this data explosion and the company saw an opportunity to further expand the reach and depth of their current offering.

Launched as beta to a handful of Winshuttle customers, pricing condition management is the first solution built on the Winshuttle Cloud Services platform. This state-of-the-art, multi-tenant, micro-services-based platform will enable Winshuttle to quickly and cost effectively deliver solutions to specific business challenges that meet the highest standards of availability, security and reliability. Winshuttle’s enterprise customers will be able to roll out via desktop or SaaS-based solutions based on their use case and cloud strategy.

“In 2018, Winshuttle customers updated almost 55 million pricing records in SAP solutions with our desktop Studio solution, with an average time savings of 81% versus typical manual data entry,” said Kristian Kalsing, VP of Products and Solutions at Winshuttle. “Our new PCM solution will deliver comparable productivity gains while enabling pricing analysts to do the work themselves versus depending on data or IT teams, or manual approval processes, giving companies greater agility.”

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