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Trellix Expedites Delivery of XDR with AWS

Enhanced Work Accelerates Adoption of Extended Detection and Response for AWS Infrastructure Customers.

Trellix, the cybersecurity company delivering the future of extended detection and response (XDR), today announced its support for three new Amazon Web Services (AWS) products and services to enable easier, faster delivery of Trellix XDR solutions and greater data privacy for AWS customers.

“Trellix is constantly innovating, and we work with AWS because of its drive to do the same,” said Britt Norwood, Senior Vice President, Global Channels & Commercial, Trellix. “Integrating Trellix solutions with leading AWS services enhances our open XDR ecosystem and helps customers better manage cybersecurity risk.”

Trellix has built support for Amazon Security Lake and AWS Verified Access into its own solutions, while also adopting the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) for its Trellix Helix security operations platform. These integrations make it easier for customers to gain critical insights into the policies governing their AWS infrastructure and reduce their data storage costs by centrally managing all security data in a single data lake. The new OCSF schema enables Trellix customers to combine hundreds of data sources with Amazon Security Lake data to seamlessly apply Trellix machine learning, threat intelligence, and predictive analytics.