News | | Symphony Performance Health Provides Analytics for Top HCAHPS Performers

Symphony Performance Health Provides Analytics for Top HCAHPS Performers

Symphony Performance Health, a leader in action analytics for healthcare providers, announced today that 11 hospitals using its Perform patient survey analysis tool performed in the top 2% of all hospitals reporting HCAHPS scores nationwide. 6 of Symphony Performance Health’s (SPH) hospital clients earned perfect attainment scores in addition to 16 hospitals which scored in top 5% for patient experience of care.

“Only 23 of more than 3,000 hospitals with reported HCAHPS scores achieved a perfect 100 for Patient Experience of Care, performing at or above the 95th percentile in each reported HCAHPS domain,” notes Paul Faraclas, Senior Vice President of Symphony Performance Health’s patient experience solutions. “We are proud that 6 of these hospitals are SPH clients. This level of performance is remarkable. To put a score of 100 in perspective, the median score was 39 and only 322 hospitals scored 70 or better,” Faraclas continued.

The Patient Experience of Care represents 30% of the overall Value-Based-Purchasing (VBP) program calculation that rewards hospitals that provide high-quality care for those paid under the Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS). VBP is an aggregate of Clinical Process of Care, Outcome of Care, and Patient Experience of Care.

“A common misnomer is that this HCAHPS measures patient satisfaction.” said Faraclas. “On the contrary, the majority of HCAHPS domains measure hospital adherence to evidence-based best practices as experienced by the patient during their inpatient stay as well as through their discharge process. SPH’s Perform tools incorporate Net Promoter measures which ask two specific questions to measure patient perception and brand loyalty.

“Brand is increasingly important as healthcare consumption and decision-making continues to shift toward being consumer-driven,” said Faraclas. “, Hospital Compare, and other easily accessible sites are the next and Consumer Reports for patient experience research. While scores have direct impact on Medicare reimbursement, the simple fact is that all patients are scrutinizing performance more closely. Higher deductibles and out-of-pocket expense will increasingly challenge the patient to determine if care is warranted or discretionary. Brand loyalty expressed through promoters and detractors will certainly influence consumption. We are pleased these hospitals use Perform to analyze brand loyalty and guide the actions that helped them excel at these elite levels.”