News | | Symphony Health Solutions Appoints Frank Lavelle Chief Executive Officer

Symphony Health Solutions Appoints Frank Lavelle Chief Executive Officer

Industry Leader to Drive Customer-Centric Innovation for Information and Analytics Business

Symphony Health Solutions, a provider of high-value data, analytics, and technology based solutions for life science manufacturers, payers and providers, today announced the appointment of Frank Lavelle as Chief Executive Officer. Launched in May 2012, Symphony Health Solutions was formed by the Symphony Technology Group (STG) by combining four complementary healthcare insight companies, including AlphaDetail, ImpactRx, Source Healthcare Analytics and TargetRx, into a single customer-centric firm focused on innovating the industry. Lavelle is a seasoned executive in the healthcare market having served as the CEO for Siemens Medical Solutions and President for Medquist, with an excellent record of creating growth and profitability at each organization under his leadership.

For the past four years Lavelle served as the President and CEO of SunGard Data Systems’ K12 division, which provided technology solutions for the primary education marketplace. His background in both technology-enabled data solutions and healthcare provides a unique blend of knowledge that will enable him to understand and grow the business in new directions to meet and anticipate the needs of Symphony Health Solutions’ customers. “Frank Lavelle is a great leader who blends intense customer focus and strategic acumen. In particular, his track record of leading organizations with strong customer intimacy as a key driver of success is a perfect match for us in his new role as CEO of Symphony Health Solutions,” said Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, Chairman and CEO of STG. “Frank will be instrumental in leading Symphony Health Solutions to become the technology-driven market leader in differentiated data, research and analytics, with a laser focus on customer value creation. His relentless pursuit of excellence will drive our organization to achieve the highest quality execution, and innovation to fuel growth. “Quality management of the healthcare ecosystem to drive down expense while improving care is the only viable future for US healthcare,” said Frank Lavelle, CEO Symphony Health Solutions. “Healthcare data and insights are critical for not just for biopharma commercial organizations, but also communities, payers, providers and all manufacturers to understand and manage the business of health in a whole new way.

The transformation of raw data to usable information to gain profound understanding is what we are all about. We will be relentlessly focused on delivering insights that enable our customers to make informed healthcare and business decisions in a daringly different way.” Symphony Health Solutions is comprised of Source Healthcare Analytics, ImpactRx, TargetRx and AlphaDetail. The businesses are now integrated with a focus on strong joint value propositions for clients and innovation. .