News | | Symphony Health Launches Audience and Media Division

Symphony Health Launches Audience and Media Division

Symphony Health, a leading provider of data, cloud based analytic and consulting solutions to life science companies and healthcare organizations, today introduces a new Audience & Media division. Complementing a diverse array of Symphony Health services, the Audience & Media division will provide valuable marketing services to brands, agencies and publishers. 

The practice is focused on technological, advisory, and analytical services to power client marketing programs by gaining a more complete and contemporary understanding of health providers and consumers. The Audience & Media division of Symphony Health helps clients engage more effectively with audiences across all channels and devices, determining the optimal content and messages to deliver, and providing cross-channel and tactical measurement and insight. 

Symphony Health has assembled a team of professionals with decades of combined healthcare marketing experience to lead the new Audience & Media division including:

  • Mark Miller, General Manager, Audience & Media – Miller is widely regarded as one of the foremost thinkers in customer experience design with a focus on groundbreaking solutions in areas of brand planning, digital media and CRM execution. As General Manager, Miller will lead the Audience & Media division in designing, measuring and optimizing highly complex media and marketing initiatives.
  • Jeff Kirsch, Team Leader, Audience & Media – Kirsch leads client services and business development initiatives, his team provides deep insights around the convergence of patient-level data with a myriad of media channels, focusing on promotional effectiveness.
  • Aimee Delorey, Ph.D., Senior Director, Strategy & Research – Delorey has spent nearly 20 years in analytics and consulting roles serving biotechnology, pharmaceutical and health plan clients. Her areas of expertise include CRM strategy, marketing effectiveness, predictive modeling, data visualization and customer journeys.
  • Julie Tai, Group Account Director, Audience & Media – Tai brings over 18 years of experience to the Client Services team. Her expertise is in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries and has helped successfully develop and launch both practitioner and patient focused pharmaceutical marketing programs.
  • Diana Paradis, Principal Consultant, Audience & Media – With over 19 years of experience in healthcare marketing, Paradis is responsible for conceptualizing and delivering innovative solutions to pharma, agency and publisher clients that leverage Symphony Health data.
  • Ketul Shah, Senior Director, Audience & Media – With over 10 years of experience, Shah is an expert at digital media measurement. In his role, Shah assists in media planning to inform targeting and content/message delivery as well as governance and process to streamline the flow and usage of data.

“Few companies are capable of leveraging healthcare data assets to fuel marketing programs that drive results for some of the largest healthcare brands,” said Neal Bibeau, CEO of Symphony Health Solutions. “With the addition of the Audience & Media division, Symphony Health will continue to build momentum across the digital and media ecosystem by helping brands connect with healthcare professionals and individuals in meaningful ways.”