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Summus IT Management Suite Gets IT Contextual Dashboard

Cloud based IT operations management solutions provider Summus Software has announced summer availability for the latest version of Summus IT Management Suite, powered by the company’s Summit Platform 4.0. So what’s new in this update? Summus Software says it delivers an IT contextual dashboard plus enhancements to its incident, service level agreement (SLA), configuration management database and product management.

Summus has made improvements across the line, from service to availability to IT intelligence. Here’s a closer look at some of the improvements, direct from the company’s own statement.

Summus Service Management

Incident Management: Fine-grained per-incident cost management, and simplified end-user request management via templates
SLA Management: Fine-grained control and monitoring of customer SLAs, vendor SLAs and operations level agreements (OLA)

Knowledge Management: Enhanced knowledge relevance and effectiveness management

Change Management: Enhanced reliability and availability with powerful change control and configuration

CMDB: Increased high availability with version control management, faster and easier implementation and simplified integration with other IT management systems via open Web Services APIs

Release Management: Comprehensive management of release costs, versions, builds, and workflows

Summus Availability Management

Server & Network Monitoring: Flexible and fine-grained monitoring, reporting and alerts based on multiple thresholds, and utilization trends
Event Management: Automatic, event correlation management
IT Intelligence

IT Contextual Dashboard: Holistic side-by-side, contextually comparative view of the entire IT operations environment
The new release of Summus IT Management Suite and Summit Platform will be available to in summer 2012. All IT management solutions from Summus Software are offered on a flexible, volume-discounted, and subscription-based model.

Summus Software shook up its management ranks last fall in what looked like an effort to appeal to more MSPs.