News | | SPH Analytics Releases Advanced CG CAHPS Analytics Solution

SPH Analytics Releases Advanced CG CAHPS Analytics Solution

SPH Analytics announced today the release of the next generation version of its CG CAHPS analytics solution. The healthcare technology leader recently unveiled powerful analytics enhancements which feature interactive online analytics, dynamic physician/practice level scorecards, and deeper insight into factors that impact performance. Recognized as the fourth largest patient-satisfaction measurement firm by Modern Healthcare for 2015 performance, SPH Analytics (SPHA) utilizes innovative technology and action analytics to deliver meaningful information and optimize the survey experience.

“Our new, dramatically enhanced CG CAHPS analytics address our clients’ desire for more insightful and interactive online reporting. Our analytics provide clients with a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of survey data for targeted improvement prior to anticipated mandatory reporting,” said Jay Bishop, Vice President of Product Management at SPH Analytics. “Providers and health plans can also use our innovative analytics to evaluate network performance gaps and identify Net Promoter Scores at the practice/clinic level,” Bishop added.

SPHA’s enhanced analytics and online reporting feature user-friendly, interactive dashboard views. Performance metrics from the organization level to provider level can be viewed and further evaluated with additional drill-down capabilities, and survey results can be compared with relevant benchmarks and customized to alert identified team members of priority issues, such as a negative response to a survey question.

Al Vega, CEO of SPH Analytics said, “SPH Analytics continually seeks innovative ways to empower healthcare providers with the information they need to take action. I am confident our enhanced analytics solution will give providers deeper insight into their CG CAHPS data, while dramatically improving patient sentiment and engagement.”