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Shopzilla sheds light on shopping habits

In January, TadaShopzilla’s coupon website, leveraged data analytics in a creative way by uncovering exactly which shoppers are the most coupon-addicted and what gifts shoppers ranked as the least enjoyable this past holiday season.

Tada’s research uncovered an interesting detail about how the wealthy stay wealthy: they’re extreme couponers. Tada’s study of 8,498 online shoppers found that 65 percent of the wealthiest shoppers (with household incomes of more than $150,000) said they would not have made their purchase without a coupon. That’s compared to 51 percent of those who make less than $40,000 who would not have made their purchase without a coupon.

Earlier this month Tada also queried more than 6,000 online shoppers about the worst gifts they received this holiday season. The results? Socks, books and underwear ranked as their least favorite presents, whereas money and cars were named as the best gifts. The survey also found that women are easier to shop for than men, which may surprise some of you, and certainly surprised me!

Earlier this year, Tada found that “Slutty Bacon” was a surprisingly popular costume for 2013’s Halloween, a costume that you might not have suspected even existed. Click here to read more about Tada’s unusual findings from its shopper surveys.