News | | Shopzilla moves into marketing, providing analytical insights and ad placements to consumer brands

Shopzilla moves into marketing, providing analytical insights and ad placements to consumer brands

In today’s highly targeted digital world, you are what you buy, which opens doors for innovation in a number of areas. Shopzilla, a Symphony Technology Group company, is capitalizing on this opportunity with its Connexity digital marketing offerings, which has opened up an entirely new set of services and revenue stream for the historical shopping engine company.

Previously, Shopzilla and its US and European brands, including Bizrate, Shopzilla, Beso, and Tada, have linked Internet shoppers to specific merchandise offers at online stores, mainly through the interface of consumer shopping websites. However, with the rapidly growing offerings at Connexity, Shopzilla is able to provide a comprehensive technology enabled service offering, fueled by Shopzilla’s rich shopping intent data ecosystem, to provide for more effective customer acquisition and customer engagement for retailers and brands – across all search and display channels.

Connexity analyzes billions of transaction data points, optimizing products information, keyword marketing combinations, shoppers and behavioral data to find, target, and acquire high quality customers for its customers, at a cost of sale that works. Acquisition can be product based (PLA/SEM), retention based (retargeting), or Audience based, eg… “a new mom” (prospecting or brand advertising) to drive an integrated approach that delivers increasing returns. While marketers have traditionally linked generalized personality types against possible shopping behavior, Connexity analytics are driven by purchasing behavior and purchase intent. For example, a sporting goods company can reach consumers who are brand sensitive, high-potential buyers of gear for the outdoors, at a time when Connexity knows they are in market for camping supplies. This is the delivered promise that the combination of big data, analytical science, deep e-commerce network reach, and advanced advertising technology working together at scale.