News | | RSA Announces New Investments to Fuel 4X YoY Growth in Canadian SaaS Market

RSA Announces New Investments to Fuel 4X YoY Growth in Canadian SaaS Market

RSA, the security-first identity leader, today announced strategic investments to accelerate its growth in the Canadian market at the InCyber Forum North America. Following a 444% increase in its Canadian SaaS business YoY and after making significant investments in staff, partners, and distributors throughout the country, RSA will devote additional investments to fuel its growth in the country.

As a further commitment to the Canadian market, RSA will launch a new cloud tenant in the country to meet the growing demand for RSA® ID Plus, the only identity and access management (IAM) platform that can support cloud, hybrid, and on-premises configurations. The launch will help Canadian government agencies, financial service providers, critical infrastructure, and other leading organizations align with the Privacy Act, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), and the Directive on Digital Service. It will also ensure that local organizations can deploy a unified identity platform to secure authentication, access, governance, and lifecycle across their environments.

“Canada is a strategic market for RSA,” said RSA CEO Rohit Ghai. “Our growth in the country, unmet market demand, and success with some of Canada’s top organizations and government agencies made the case for RSA to invest significantly in Canada. These investments will help more Canadian businesses deploy the unified identity capabilities needed to prevent cyberattacks and catalyze productivity.”