News | | First Advantage and iCIMS Integration to Advance Background Screening Customer Experience

First Advantage and iCIMS Integration to Advance Background Screening Customer Experience

First Advantage, a global leader in background check and drug screening solutions, and iCIMS, a leading provider of talent acquisition software, announced the deployment of iCIMS’ next-generation integration product, Prime Connector for background screening. The Prime Connector integrates First Advantage’s background screen solution into iCIMS’ recruiting platform, with a simple and rapid one-click activation process. As a result, organizations can use First Advantage background screening as part of the iCIMS recruiting platform immediately, without any technical or implementation support.

The seamless integration of First Advantage and iCIMS means that recruiters no longer need to toggle between multiple systems to manage candidate data. They can create new orders for background checks, track their progress and view the results without leaving the iCIMS platform, ensuring consistent and compliant data across the recruiting process. Additionally, recruiters gain back the time previously spent keeping candidate screening up-to-date in two systems.

For a brief overview of how the integration works, check out the video:

“Our Prime Connectors are game changers because they enable employers to configure, administer and utilize third-party applications, such as First Advantage, within the iCIMS platform with one simple click, eliminating the time and cost of implementation,” said Al Smith, chief technology officer, iCIMS. “As we looked at the initial background screening solutions to be ‘primed,’ we knew First Advantage with 4,000 employees across 26 locations had the breadth and depth to embrace our next-generation solution. Our shared clients will benefit because it eliminates the need for recruiters to switch between systems, streamlines their recruiting process and ensures candidate data compliance.”

Scott Staples, First Advantage’s CEO, said, “First Advantage and iCIMS share the same vision: the importance of engaging candidates while ensuring recruiters and hiring managers are focusing on high-value talent. Giving companies the ability to remain in their primary talent acquisition application while ordering and tracking our background screening solutions saves time and money and streamlines complicated workflows.”

Staples continued, “Given record low unemployment yet equally extraordinary concerns about workforce safety and imposter-syndrome credentials, background screening has never been more crucial. First Advantage benefits the job candidate by potentially accelerating time-to-hire and the hiring employer through compliant verifications.”

First Advantage Prime Connector is available now. To learn more, please register for a complimentary webinar on October 25, 2018. Registration details can be accessed here