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Findly Transforms Outbound Recruitment Marketing With Flexible Lead Capture Tools

Findly, the on-demand talent market leader and a Symphony Technology Group (STG) company, today announced the release of its latest solution to improve recruitment marketing, Lead Capture Micro-Sites. This unique capability enables practically any employee to create individual and personalized lead capture pages to collect candidate profiles during recruiting events and place them directly into a candidate relationship management (CRM) system for immediate sourcing by recruiters.

Companies today deploy a wide variety of costly recruitment marketing activities to attract candidates. Most employers advertise and push candidates directly into an applicant tracking system — losing on average 90 percent of their traffic in the process. By giving job seekers they meet at job fairs and other recruiting events the option to become part of a talent network and stay engaged with the brand through robust lead capture forms, companies can greatly improve their conversion rates.

The newly released Lead Capture Micro-Sites functionality also allows recruiters, event planners, and employees themselves to create lead capture pages instantly — enabling all employees to participate in talent acquisition and help to build a pipeline of candidates. As a result, companies can save a great deal of time and resources with each event landing page, which can be created for free with the application.
For recruiters, this new innovation enables them to easily create personalized, company-branded landing pages for each recruiting event, including a welcome message and integrated lead capture form to collect job seeker profiles. Recruiters distribute a unique URL or QR code during the event to engage with candidates and prompt them to submit their profile and resume. The profiles are then captured in the Findly CRM database for the recruiter to follow up with and keep those candidates engaged.

Key benefits of the Lead Capture Micro-Sites feature include:

Configurable and shareable micro-sites: Users can easily build customized micro-sites for any recruiting event and create and share short links across websites, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts or email.

Customized content with merge variables: The instantly built recruiting micro-sites provide customized content through merge variables, so a recruiter can personalize a lead capture page with direct and relevant content for each event.

Campaign tags: Each job seeker is tagged to specific events and campaigns, allowing recruiters to track candidates throughout the CRM.

Job folders: Job seekers can also be placed directly into a CRM job folder either linked to the recruiter’s employee ID or one specified at the time of creating the micro-site.

Easy login with single sign-on: Recruiters can easily use the Lead Capture Micro-Site creator via the same dashboard they use to access the entire Findly suite of recruitment solutions.

“Findly is committed to developing new solutions and functionalities that help employers find, engage and hire the talent their organizations need to be successful,” said Jason Kerr, founder and CTO of Findly. “To that end, we are proud to release our innovative Lead Capture Micro-Sites capability, giving employers yet another useful tool to transform their hiring processes. With this innovation, recruiters have a robust technology in hand to transition job seekers they meet at recruiting events into applicants, and ensure the best applicants become their next great hires.”

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