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Findly Transforms Hiring With New Workplace Reasoning Assessment

Findly, the on-demand talent market leader and a Symphony Technology Group (STG) company, announced today the release of the Workplace Reasoning Assessment®, an innovative assessment tool designed to help companies of all sizes accurately identify job candidates and employees who are more likely to perform in roles that require skill in problem solving and reasoning.

“Findly is strategically leveraging our roots in test development, expanding our core offerings with top-notch assessments that measure a full range of knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics that predict success,” said Lisa Bordinat, senior vice president and general manager of Findly’s Assessment Division.

The Workplace Reasoning Assessment (WRA) was developed to measure a range of abilities associated with job performance such as Logical Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and the Ability to Use Information and apply to workplace challenges. Core intellect — as described above — has long been documented among the most powerful measures in predicting on-the-job performance. Additionally, the Workplace Reasoning Assessment content is rooted in the workplace skills that people actually perform on the job.The resulting report is designed to provide actionable feedback on job candidates that is easy for managers to understand and use. Useful for all entry-level roles through first-level supervisor, the assessment can be completed in less than 25 minutes.

“Problem solving and intelligence have been widely accepted for decades as being critical components to exceptional job performance,” said Dr. Kyle Mack, director of Findly’s Predictive Assessments and Data Science. “This new tool will ensure our customers are hiring entry-level to first-level supervisors who will deliver superior performance in their jobs.”

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