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Findly Reveals Best Practices for Engaging and Recruiting Millennials

Findly, the on-demand talent market leader and a Symphony Technology Group (STG) company, today shared details of its latest white paper, “Recruiting Millennials and New Grads: 21st Century Advice for Recruiting This 21st Century Generation.” As employers strive to reach, engage and hire qualified Millennial talent, this new report outlines proven strategies and best practices for connecting with Millennial candidates.

Although the ability to attract and engage Millennials is essential to business success, many organizations struggle to engage and hire these individuals, who have grown up in a distinctly different environment socially, economically and technologically. Findly’s new white paper explores these challenges in-depth, addressing what companies can do to meet the needs of Millennials and build a workforce of qualified talent.

The first step for any successful Millennial hiring strategy is to understand the habits that drive these individuals in their job search, such as tapping into their social media networks and personal connections to learn about opportunities, researching companies and their reputations before they apply, and being able to apply to jobs directly from their mobile devices. The white paper also explores what Millennials look for in a job, such as the chance to make a difference, a strong company culture and work environment, and the opportunity for professional growth.

“Recruiting Millennials and New Grads” outlines best practices companies can implement to attract Millennials, including:
Deliver relevant content: Millennial job seekers often crave as much information as possible to guide their job search. Employers can meet this need by updating their career website to reflect their unique culture, showcasing their values and providing a glimpse of what it would be like to work there.

Build personal relationships: Conducting onsite events, such as career fairs and on-campus recruiting efforts, is a proven strategy for connecting with Millennials directly and on a more personal level.

Use technology to enhance candidate experience: As more Millennial candidates leverage their smartphones and tablets to search and apply for jobs, companies must deliver a mobile-optimized experience. If candidates can’t complete the apply process from their mobile devices, they are more likely to drop out of the application altogether.

“Having come of age alongside the rapid evolution of technology, Millennials are accustomed to a high level of accessibility and customization of information, and these expectations extend to the job search,” said Richard Campione, CEO of Findly. “Employers that can meet Millennials on their terms and offer seamless candidate experiences across desktop and mobile devices, as well as compelling content that speaks to Millennials’ interests and need for purpose, will be most successful. Having a strong strategy, combined with the right tools and partners, is equally essential in building effective programs for recruiting Millennials and younger workers.”

“Recruiting Millennials and New Grads” is available for download at: