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ESTG goes live with NYCE.LOGIC WMS

“Our warehouse is now future-proof”

ESTG, Europe’s largest distributor of sustainable energy products goes live with the NYCE.LOGIC WMS, part of Extenda Retail. From their energy-neutral premises in Oosterhout, Netherlands, ESTG selected NYCE.LOGIC in July 2022 to implement a market-ready Warehouse Management System to efficiently handle their annual 60,000 deliveries to 38 European countries. The implementation process has now been completed and ESTG is live with the system.

Stockholm, Sweden, 17 March 2023 NYCE.LOGIC, part of Extenda Retail, recently announced a partnership with ESTG to provide and implement a best-of-breed Warehouse Management System. The WMS is now live.

“We, the software provider, are excited to be part of ESTG’s ambition to be a driving force in providing professional installers across Europe with the sustainable energy products they need, now and in the future,” says Elena Pettersson, Client Delivery Manager at NYCE.LOGICExtenda Retail.