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AlphaImpactRx Launches BrandImpactDx

AlphaImpactRx, a Symphony Technology Group company and leader in providing primary research and analytics-based insight to biopharmaceutical and consumer health companies, announced today the launch of BrandImpactDx, an innovative offering which provides insight into the usage of molecular diagnostic tests in support of targeted cancer therapies. BrandImpactDx is an extension of AlphaImpactRx’s flagship BrandImpact product. Collectively, these offerings provide unique and comprehensive visibility into the emerging dynamics of precision medicine in oncology. BrandImpactDx provides insight into the various types of diagnostic tests selected to measure biomarkers, including companion diagnostic tests, while BrandImpact delivers in-depth information on biomarker results and their influence on the oncologist’s treatment decision.

The emergence of precision medicine is revolutionizing cancer care. Tumors bearing specific genetic mutations are increasingly treated with new targeted therapies designed to selectively reverse the effects of those mutations. In parallel, the identification of biomarkers evidencing the expression of those mutations, and the application of molecular diagnostic tests measuring those biomarkers, has also increased. Testing rates for identified biomarkers have likewise grown significantly over the past few years1. BrandImpactDx offers unique insight into diagnostic testing for all key biomarkers and prognostic assays across multiple tumor types, including the recently identified PD-L1 biomarker in non-small lung cancer and melanoma.

BrandImpactDx leverages AlphaImpactRx’s proprietary research technology to generate data from the largest ongoing online panel available in the US comprised of more than 1,800 oncologists and 600 pathologists annually. The BrandImpactDx online panel complements AlphaImpactRx’s flagship BrandImpact longitudinal mobile research panel of more than 400 targeted oncologists. The BrandImpactDx survey is fielded monthly and longitudinally tracks the usage of diagnostic tests by panelists, including information on the specific type, or brand, of test chosen as well as changes in volume and share over time. Diagnostic tests covered within the survey include companion diagnostics, other specific branded test kits, and various laboratory-developed tests. BrandImpactDx’s test coverage exceeds that available from traditional secondary data suppliers, and new tests will be added when introduced, in categories beyond oncology as well. Monthly reports can be available within days of month end via a cloud-based reporting and analytics platform. The BrandImpactDx platform also offers clients the ability to generate more specific insight through the addition of custom questions.

“The competitiveness of the oncology market is accelerating, and increasing in complexity, with the emergence of precision medicine,” said John Ouren, AlphaImpactRx’s CEO. “BrandImpactDx is designed to help our clients deal with that complexity more effectively when competing within these dynamic targeted therapy categories,” continued Ouren. “BrandImpactDx, when combined with BrandImpact’s point-of-care chart audit-like patient visit data, offers the most complete and in-depth insight available generated by the industry’s largest sample of key oncologists and pathologists to help oncology brands address the complicated marketplace challenges they are increasingly facing,” Ouren concluded.