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AlphaImpactRx Launches BrandImpact Global Diabetes

AlphaImpactRx, a Symphony Technology Group company and leader in providing primary research and analytics-based insight to biopharmaceutical and consumer health companies, announced today the launch of BrandImpact Global Diabetes and the expansion of its longitudinal mobile research model in the EU and Japan. AlphaImpactRx has extended BrandImpact’s global reach through the creation of diabetes-focused physician research panels in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and Japan. These new panels are in addition to the company’s flagship network of panels in the US as well as its core specialty panels currently operating in the EU, Canada and Australia.

The World Health Organization recognizes diabetes as a global epidemic. The global market for diabetes therapies has become increasingly competitive as the biopharmaceutical industry has accelerated the development and introduction of new treatment alternatives to help address this growing crisis. AlphaImpactRx’s new disease-focused panels in the EU and Japan are designed to provide information tailored to the unique needs of diabetes brands competing in this dynamic, global market. BrandImpact Global Diabetes offers unique insight into both treatment behavior and the promotional factors influencing that behavior direct from the physician’s practice setting and within a complete, competitive context. This near real-time insight enables diabetes brands to rapidly adjust to changes in market conditions, both locally and globally.

BrandImpact Global Diabetes is fueled by data captured from 330 panelists across the six new countries recruited from key diabetes-treating specialties, including endocrinologists, general practitioners and diabetes nurse educators. Combined with its BrandImpact US primary care and endocrinology panels, AlphaImpactRx now offers its global clients research-based insight from more than 2,100 targeted diabetes health care professionals worldwide. The panels collect data on all classes within the diabetes market, including insulins, DPP-4’s, GLP-1’s, SGLT-2’s, and their combinations, as well as blood glucose meters and infusion pumps. Additionally, BrandImpact’s proprietary research app has been enhanced to capture key patient characteristics such as HbA1c, BMI and fasting plasma glucose levels which are important for understanding the drivers of brand choice for diabetic patients. Including the US, BrandImpact Global Diabetes is expected to capture information on more than 400,000 diagnosed diabetes patient visits and 150,000 diabetes brand details annually.

“Our ex-US expansion of BrandImpact is in direct response to our customers’ need for a uniform and comprehensive set of metrics across major countries that provide disease-specific insight into the drivers of global brand performance,” said John Ouren, AlphaImpactRx’s CEO. “The level of insight that can be generated from the treatment and promotional audits currently available outside the US is limited and we are extending our unique capabilities to overcome those limitations and to address our clients’ emerging information and analytical needs,” continued Ouren. “BrandImpact Global Diabetes is designed to help our clients achieve their global business goals by providing them clear and consistent visibility into brand performance across and within key international markets,” Ouren concluded.