It is more important than ever that mission-critical functions survive and thrive.

For more than 30 years, STG has helped customers meet that challenge by delivering flexible solutions built on a foundation of reliable infrastructure

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Securing Cyber Solutions

STG establishes, develops, and sustains
secure, resilient, enterprise-level
information systems to deliver secure
network engineering, information
assurance platform deployment, and
incident response, across the
cybersecurity spectrum.

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Core Software Development capabilities

We create technology solutions
tailored to your mission. Our agile
software development practices
scale dynamically to system
demands and range from iterative
system builds to highly integrated
enterprise platforms.

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Advanced analytics

Our team provides high quality
intelligence as the basis for critical
decision making. We use a unique,
rigorous methodology that
combines specialists with leading

We provide critical network operations services situational awareness tools, and Defensive Cyber Operations practices that ensure information protection.
We are a leader in network infrastructure RMF control implementation and compliance across DoD networks.
We operate, maintain, and sustain enterprise communications across DOD and DHS information networks.
Cyber Security and Secure Information Systems
Cyber Operations
Enterprise IT Services
Cyber Security Services
STG implements both customized software and ERP solutions.
STG is an early adopter of the DevOps engineering approach.
Software Development
Enterprise Resource Planning Application
Development in Secure Environments
Comprehensive DevOps Capability
Our clients are under constant pressure to deliver increasingly complex, mission critical programs.
Full Spectrum Software Development Lifecycle
Program Management Support
STG provides a full range of services designed to help our government clients meet their mission-critical requirements in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
We provide critical network operations services.
We are a leader in network infrastructure RMF control implementation and compliance across DoD networks.
Intelligence & Analytics
Multi-INT Exploitation & Dissemination
Multi-Lingual Intelligence Analysis